Being 100% Raw and what works so far!

I am up to day 23 on my 30 days of being 100% Raw and I must have broken through an emotional attachment to cooked food, as I don’t remember what it used to taste like and I have stopped thinking about it – I am now craving certain Raw Foods and it feels great!

All of a sudden the flavors of the Raw Food are exploding in my mouth! It is simply divine! Food has never tasted to so good!  And I am actualy craving less food too!

What I find is really working for me at the moment is the following food intake. This varies but I find the following is giving me a sustained energy throughout the day.

Breakfast – A big green juice or a one the following…chia seed pudding, steel cut oats porridge or buckwheat porridge.
Lunch A green smoothie or raw protein smoothie.  A am loving salad wrapped in nori rolls.

Dinner – Dinner most nights is a big green salad!  Some nights I crave a juice instead of a salad, this is especially the case if I have a protein smoothie in the afternoon.

A Green juice is probably the one thing I don’t have enough of – Especially as I am still 20130226-141241.jpgbreastfeeding even though supply has not been affected at all. I feel one the keys to being 100% Raw is Green Juice as the days that I do have a juice I feel simply ALIVE! I still feel great on the days that I don’t, but its a different energy running through my system.

One of the things that I do find helps with making juice is making a huge batch of it and bottle it up for the next day.  I will do a post on how to stop juice from oxidizing as much as you can by making a huge batch. Being a mum I know time is poor so this really helps! So stay tuned for that post 🙂

Raw Food Food intake. A quick run down with a visual diary…

The Famous Green Smoothie! God these are soo good!


Issy and her Chia Seed porridge.  This is the easiest breakfast to prepare for your kids and it is sooo nutritious for some further information on chia seeds click here


Buckwheat Porridge



Raw Spaghetti – I will be posting the recipe for this in this weeks Newsletter! its kid friendly and Issy loveesssss it – see below.



Cant go past Banana’s and Chocolate Sauce


And tonight’s yummy huge Salad – look at all that lovely green!