The Raw Food Mum is Sarah Quinney – the go to person for parents who want to introduce Raw Food into their diet and their children’s diet.

Raw Food that is easy to prepare, creative, nutritious and delicious for the whole family!

My Goal is to get as many parents feeding their kids at least one raw live nutrient dense meal a day!

A mum to her beautiful daughter Issy and Grace both who are fed a very high raw food diet. Sarah is passionate about RAW foods, surfing, natural parenting and eco-friendly green products especially when it comes to our kids.

What are the benefits of raw food?

Glowing and clear skin, weight loss, increased vitality and longevity. Raw foodists also say they don’t get sick as often with ordinary illness likes colds and don’t need as much sleep. Their energy levels are higher and don’t feel sluggish after meals.

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I hope you enjoy the information I share and please send me an email if you have any questions!