5 Famous Raw Foodists

When incorporating raw food into your diet, sometimes it’s good to take inspiration from people who are already successfully thriving on a raw food diet. The proof and motivation can help you strengthen your resolve to eat healthy.

Here are some well-known folks who are either committed raw foodists, or have a very raw-friendly attitude when it comes to nutrition.

Demi Moore

Famous Actress Demi Moore follows a 75% raw diet. She’s been eating this way for over a decade and it definitely shows. She’s in her early fifties now, but you can’t tell just by looking at her! Ok, so maybe there are lots of Hollywood personalities who look younger than they really are, but Demi insists that she has never had any work done on her face or body. Her appearance in the movie Charlie’s Angels helped spread awareness of the raw food diet. To see is to believe, right? She’s the perfect example that a raw vegan lifestyle is doable.

Jason Mraz

Singer and songwriter Jason Mraz has been a dedicated raw food enthusiast since 2008. Mraz started his raw food diet when his best friend and sidekick, Toca Rivers was diagnosed with Diabetes. Now he says, Toca’s glucose numbers are closer to normal, and soon his tests will not show signs of Diabetes at all.

Carol Alt

It is not easy being a supermodel, and very few have careers which lasted more than a few years. Supermodel Carol Alt is one of the most popular raw foodists around, following a 100% raw food diet and promoting her lifestyle quite openly.

She has published four books on raw food, A Healthy You, The Raw 50, Eating in the Raw and Easy, Sexy, Raw. Her books contain easy to follow recipes, and guidelines to help those who want to adapt the raw food lifestyle. According to Carol, becoming raw changed her life.

I eat a raw egg every morning. The egg is the most perfect food, it also feeds your brain. It’s full of nutrition. I make my own kefir, which is probiotic. Then I do a carrot juice. My No. 1 thing is to take green powders three times a day. They rebuild your body the fastest way I know. I also do a lot of supplements. I get my hair tested every two months. I take a lot of individual supplements, the ones that I know my body needs.

Alicia Silverstone

100% Vegan (mainly raw), Actress Alicia Silverstone first charmed us in her movie Clueless. At that time, she had asthma, acne, constipation and insomnia. She decided to go vegan a couple of years after the film and she’s been a firm advocate of living a raw vegan lifestyle for 16 years.

She has published two books on her experience: The Kind Diet, where she shares recipes, and The Kind Mama, where she recommends the vegan diet to women planning motherhood. “It’s all about being kind to yourself through being the most well-nourished, healthiest, strongest woman you can be in order to get pregnant with ease, have a blissful pregnancy, beautiful birth, the healthiest and happiest baby, and enjoy the most intimate love-fest of your life with your little nugget.”

Donna Karan

Well-known Designer Donna Karan, sports a fabulous figure at 66 years old – courtesy of yoga and a raw food diet.  After she sold her trademark to LVMH for millions of dollars, Karan now enjoys a more balanced lifestyle, central focus nowadays is Yoga and green smoothies, which seem to be doing a good job in preserving this vital woman who changed the way we dressed in the late 80’s.

Many of the popular raw foodists we know have taken up the lifestyle not just for aesthetic purposes. A lot of them do it for better health and their efforts continue to inspire and motivate those who are dreaming of quitting the “steak and doughnuts” lifestyle too.