30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge July 2013



You did it!  30 days 30 Green smoothies!Green-Smoothie-Challenge---I-DID-IT

Over 1300 people downloaded The Little Book of Green Smoothies and although not all participated, that’s a lot of people wanting to learn about making healthy choices.

If you did download the free ebook I have a favor to ask in return, head on over to the The Raw Food Mum Faceboook page hit Like and share this image with your friends:)

It has been such a fabulous 30 days filled with so many families getting on the Green Smoothie buzz and I especially love seeing all the kids drinking their Green smoothies, there are some amazing parents out there.

A special thanks to those who did get involved and who took the time and effort to share their  green smoothie pictures x I will be working on the free e-book of all the recipes for those who contributed over the next few weeks.

Please send me an email sharing your 30 day green smoothie challenge experience x

If you missed out on this one! Don’t worry I will do another one in summer

Here’s to health and happiness.


How exciting that you want to join me on my Green Smoothie Challenge for 30 days!IMG_4153

I woke up this morning after spending months finishing Raw Food 4 Kids! That even I realised I needed to up the amount of greens in my diet. I thought a bit of re-boot with a green smoothie daily was the perfect way to increase my energy levels, clear my mind, lose a little weight, and improve my health.

And if you join me, you can also enjoy these benefits. It is simple and affordable. It is an experience that could change your life!

When does it start?

I will be starting the 30 day Challenge on Tuesday 2nd July, 2103 for 30 days. Each day I will post a picture of my Green Smoothie and recipe on facebook and here on the website.

The Little Book of Green SmoothiesThe Little Green Book of Green Smoothies by The Raw Food Mum



What is The Little Book of Green Smoothies’?

It is an introduction book for those you would like to learn what a green smoothie is, the benefits, recipe ideas, shopping list, storage ideas, super foods etc.. It also has a section on FAQs and 7 Green Smoothie recipes to get you started.


What do you have to do?

Well it’s simple, you just have to include 1 Green Smoothie into you daily meal for 30 days. Simple!

All I ask is that you share your green smoothie and your recipe as well (when you can of course) on The Raw Food Mums Facebook page or via email to me!

At the end of the 30 days I will compile all the Green Smoothie recipes into a e-book which can be shared to encourage everyone to make healthier changes.

I hope you join me for these 30 days. If you have just discovered this don’t fret! Jump in and join us at whatever day we are up to! I also hope to do lots more of these in the future so you can always join the next one x

Happy Green Smoothing 🙂
Sarah xrawkidspurchasehere-30

p.s Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Raw Food 4 Kids! Its really a book for the whole family not just for kids! you can find out more here..