30 Days Raw! And I Feel Rawsome!

I did it! I made the 30 day mark of being 100% Raw! Now if you haven’t read about me, you would know I was actually raw for 18 months prior to Issy being born so I have personal best to beat there! But I am so glad I woke up 30 days ago and set myself this challenge, and here I am all raw again and I hope to continue down this path again.

Setting small goals…

For one it was not too big a challenge in my mind that I could not achieve!  I find that setting goals that are simply unattainable put me off even trying to achieve them! So 30 days for me was very attainable. I also feel I am in a very fortunate position in that I have been raw before for such a long time that for me personally it was about being organised again.  I honestly feel that being organised and having food prepared when being raw is one of the biggest tools in being able to lead such a diet.

Having a supportive partner…

I am also very fortunate that I have a partner that ( he got me into raw in the first place ) that is behind me in every raw way! And to top it off he is just as passionate about the benefits of raw food.  So I have to admit I have a few advantages going for me here that for me personally make going raw a little easier than some. Having said that you have to have the personal want to go raw.

Do you need to be 100% Raw?

You don’t need to be 100% raw to reap some of the reward.

My body and my mind  and my spirit work best on a all raw diet. But I can also see how some people see it as extreme.

If you have one raw meal a day of Raw Live Nutritious Food you are doing your body a favour,  make it two meals a day and you will feel the difference. Going all raw well that’s a whole different path of a multitude of benefits  and negatives that you can only really understand once you have been raw.

30 days Raw! A good re-boot.

So 30 days on and I’m just going to keep going until who knows what happens.  To be honest I can probably stay raw until we have another baby, I am sure when I fall pregnant again that my body might crave cooked food again, who knows!  And sure there might be days where I might have a cooked meal here and there but ill just hop straight back onto that raw wagon as quick as I fell off.

So happy days to being a Happy Raw Foodie but for now for this mumma! Its nothing but Raw!

If you have any questions feel ask away too 🙂

Would you like to go Raw? or include more raw food in your diet?  I also offer a coaching service if you are interested you can find more information here.