21 Day More Raw Food Challenge

The 21 Day More Raw program is currently being updated to 21dayMoreRawChallenge_2_TheRawFoodMumbring you even more support on your raw journey! Stay tuned for more.

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So what is the 21 day More Raw challenge?

The 21 day More Raw Challenge is about including more raw food into your daily diet or if you like going 100% raw for 21 days!

 How does it work?

As many of you know I have just had my second baby and throughout my pregnancy I went from 95% Raw back to cooked food – so to get back on the raw path I have decided to challenge myself to eating 80% Raw Food each day, for me the easiest way to do this will be eating Raw Food until around 4-5pm each day. 

Ideas include:

  • 2 out 3 meals are raw each day
  • 80% of your food is raw
  • Live plant based foods till 4 or 5pm

There may be days I continue on and have a 100% raw day or I might ease back into it by eating some whole cooked food at night. As we are doing this challenge in winter it is nice to have some warming nourishing and whole cooked foods for our bodies at the end of the day!

  • Please note as with all of my free challenges this is not a guided program – although the e-book  does contain all the information you need to learn about getting started with raw food – the idea is that you can be as creative as you like or follow the recipes in post of the recipes in the free ebook.

  • It is about sharing and learning from each other and getting lots of new ideas and recipes and increasing the amount of raw food we put into our bodies.

  • This is not a100% raw challenge – however if you want to go fully raw go for it

With all of my challenges the point is to have fun while making some really important healthy changes to our diets and our lives, the more you get involved on the face book page the more you will get out of it as The Raw Food Mum Community supports and encourages each other throughout these challenges.