The Raw Food Mums 14 day Juice Challenge


14 Day Juice Challenge 11th – 25th November 2013.

It is so exciting that you want to join me on the 14 day juice challenge !

Over 1300 people joined in the Green Smoothie challenge in June this year and it was a lot of fun –  NOW that is a lot of people wanting to learn about making healthy choices for themselves and their family! This time its all about juices and I hope there are as many people wanting to join in and share pictures of their smoothies as well as their children enjoying the benefits of incorporating healthy choices into their family’s lifestyle.
Juicing 101

I am still receiving emails from participants saying how the challenge helped start new healthy habits for some it was the start of a raw journey for their family and kids!

So what is the Juice challenge?

The 14 day Juice challenge is about including one freshly pressed juice into your and or your families and children’s diet for 14 days!

How do you sign up?

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP  – it’s all happening over at The Raw Food Mums Face Book Page – just check in daily for updates, information, juice recipes and spot prizes for those who join in!

Each day I will post a picture of my juice and recipe on facebook and you can get involved by joining in too by sharing your juice and your recipe and have some fun whilst getting healthy!

Quick list on how the juice challenge works…

  • You include one juice into your daily diet
  • Post and share your picture and recipe of your juice over on The Raw Food Mums face book page ( spot prizes for those who participate too)
  • This is NOT a juice fast – although some may like to do that if they please!
  • It is not a guided program – although the little book of Juicing and Juices does contain all the information you need to learn about juicing
  • It is about sharing and learning from each other and getting lots of new ideas and recipes – and its about having fun! You will surprised at what we can all learn from each other!
  • I ( sarah) will post the juice and recipe that I and Issy have over the 14 days!

What is The Little Book of Juices and Juicing e-book ?The Little Book of Juicing

This 24 page ebook for those you would like to learn about juicing and the benefits, recipe ideas, shopping lists, storage idea  etc.. It also has a section on FAQs and juice recipes to get you started.

  • What is a Juicing
  • The benefits of Juicing
  • Juicing Vs Blending
  • Cold Pressed Juicing
  • Making Juices taste great
  • Juicing for little ones
  • Reasons to include juices in your diet
  • How does juicing work
  • how store juice
  • FAQs and tips
  • Shopping guide
  • Fruits and Vegetables shopping list
  • 12 juicing Recipes to get you started

It can be purchased from The Raw Food Store for a very affordable $5 ( A cost of a coffee – although the information is much better for you 🙂

Why a juice challenge?

A big green juice is the the perfect way to increase energy levels, clear the mind, lose a little weight, and improve our health.IMG_0114_2

Juices, can be the delicious, enjoyable adventure that transforms your body, your health, and your life!  Its a great way to get the kids interested in Juicing as well! And I will also be sharing all the yummy juices that I make for Isabelle as well!

The best part is all you need is a juicer, and some beautiful fresh greens and vegetables to create something truly delicious and insanely nutritious.

Head on over to The Raw Food Mum’s Facebook to join in the fun and join in the 14 day Juice  Challenge. We are starting on the 11th November and it runs for 14 days!

This is not a juice fast! This is about getting juicing into the families diet and learning about the benefits of juicing

There will also be spot prizes for those who join in!  Now that something to get a little but excited about 🙂

Now lets get Juicing

But what if you don’t have a juicer?
Some in the green smoothie challenge were actually juicing and that’s fine, we would still love you to join in!  But I will be concentrating on the benefits of juicing over green smoothies!   The next 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge will be held in February 2013~  sign up to the newsletter so you don’t miss out on updates!

And if you want to make the investment in a juicer~ we have a special $50 for the month of November

The Raw Food Stre - Juicer discount